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Family Mediation


Following separation or divorce, you and your coparent will undertake the difficult task of making important decisions for your children as they navigate between their two homes. These decisions may include determining a residential schedule, decision-making protocols, conflict resolution practices, and more. It may be helpful to keep in mind, children do best in a two-home environment when the level of conflict is low and the level of communication and collaboration is high.

The decisions you make together during mediation will culminate in a written parenting plan. A strong parenting plan is one that is clear and unambiguous, and child-centered. Parenting plans help provide predictability and stability for your child, as well as for you. Brooke will lead you through the process of developing a detailed parenting plan that is tailored to the uniqueness of your family.

Brooke is highly sensitive to the fact that conversations about children in the context of custody arrangements can be tremendously emotional for parents. She will empathetically guide both parents through the natural stress and anxiety that can arise during mediation. 


Mediation is more likely to lead to settlement when all participants enter the discussion with a willingness to compromise and be flexible, and with the intention of engaging in a fair exchange.